Specialists in Exterior Timber Repair and Deck Maintenance

At Sydney Timber and Deck Renewals, we specialise in the protection and restoration of all exterior timber surfaces, including deck staining, public wooden amenities and boardwalks, commercial wood features, timber siding and general timber repair. As such, we are Sydney’s leading deck stain and external timber experts.

We all love the Sydney weather, especially in summer when we can entertain outdoors. However it’s our extreme climate that also reacts directly against your timber finishes and decking. That’s why we’ve developed a repair and protection method to combat against the specific demands of weather.

Regardless of the current state of your timber features, our unique restoration process will rejuvenate and revitalise your wood surfaces, returning them to their natural beauty. In fact we have perfected a timber protection system that utilises the most scientifically-advanced components, out lasting conventional oils and stains by up to four times.
Whether you have a new wooden deck in need of extra protection against the elements or grey weathered timbers in need of maintenance or restoration, we have the solution. We are committed to providing all our customers, individual, corporate and council, with a quality, hassle-free experience.

There is absolutely no need for unsightly grey, weathered timber anymore with Sydney Timber Deck and Renewals.Now is always the right time for timber restoration or a deck stain, so why not contact us today?